Manchester and Lancashire Orange Order History

The Social History of Protestantism and The Orange Order in Greater Manchester and Lancashire

The Orange Order has had a massive influence in the development of modern Manchester with Orange lodges in existence from 1799/1800. The Orange Institution in Manchester and Lancashire has drawn it's membership from all social classes. The early Orange Order was strongly associated with the armed forces with strong association with early local Army regiments and Volunteer forces. During Queen Victoria's reign the Institution grew to a great size, with many prominent Orangemen involved with the manufacturing industry and holding traditional Tory views holding membership of the Conservative party. Into the 20th Century, members of the Orange Order in Manchester and Lancashire actively opposed Home Rule in Ireland. With the outbreak of World War 1, many Orangemen swelled the ranks of local army regiments who would leave the North West of England, never to return - Loyal to the end. 

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History of The Orange Order in Manchester

William John Austin - Victorian Orangeman

William Touchstone, Manchester Orangeman

Orange Order History
1800 - yesterday

Greater Manchester and Lancashire

Bro. William John Austin
1850 - 1900
Cotton Manufacturer, Conservative & Religious Author

Conservative and Leader in the Temperance Movement

Bro. Revenerend Thomas Dickinson

Signing of Ulster Covenant in Manchester

Sergeant Brett's Memorial in Saint Ann's Church, Manchester

Bro. Graham Thomson Lyall in Uniform

Oxford educated Grand Chaplain of England from 1905-1920


 Against Home Rule
Sept 1912
Signing of The Ulster Covenant in Manchester

Sgt Charles Brett
 1816 - 1867

The first English policeman to be killed in the line of duty by the Irish fenian brotherhood

 Bro. Graham Thomson Lyall VC
1892 - 1941
Manchester born Orangeman who fought in the 1st & 2nd World Wars and won a VC

Bro. John Kensit

Sir Edward Carson at Manchester Free Trade Hall

History of St Catherine's Church, Collyhurst

Benjamin Disraeli Visit to Manchester 1872

 John Kensit at the 'Great Protestant Demonstration' in the Manchester Free Trade Hall, 1899

Sir Edward Carson 'Anti Home Rule Campaign' at the Manchester Free Trade Hall, 1912

The History of Saint Catherine's Church Collyhurst, Manchester

 Benjamin Disraeli visit to Manchester in 1872. 20,000 people (of which many where members of The Orange Institution) marched through Manchester

The Orange Order in Oldham

Colonel Ralph Fletcher

Brother Booth Mason


The Orange Order in Oldham 1803 - 1920

Bro. Colonel Ralph Fletcher of Bolton
1757 - 1832

Bro. Booth Mason of Ashton-under-Lyne
1814 - 1888

 The Orange Order in Tameside in the mid 19th Century

The 3rd Earl Of Roden

Queen Victoria Royal Visit to Manchester

Manchester Orange Procession in 1874

The 3rd Earl of Roden
Whom LOL 184 is named after.

 Queen Victoria Visit to Manchester and Salford in 1851.

North East Manchester Election 1891
Orange Order deputation seek views of Sir James Fergusson on a number of key issues.

Report of the Manchester and Salford Orange Demonstration of 1874

Disraeli Satirical Cartoon Against The Irish Church Bill

Great Protestant Meeting in Manchester

Roman Catholic Sectarian Violence in Manchester

Great Orange Demonstration in Manchester

Great Conservative Demonstration of Manchester - 1869 Against The Irish Church Bill
37 local Orange Lodges also took part.

Great Protestant Meeting at Manchester Free Trade Hall - 1898

Bro. Rev. Dr. RR Kane traveled from Belfast to speak at the event

RC Sectarian Violence Against Manchester Orange Order Church Parade in 1888

Militant Roman Catholics (men and women) attacked the Orangemen with axes and iron pokers

Great Orange Demonstration in Manchester. (July 1871)

 Blackburn Orange Order

 Blackburn Orange Hall

 James Worral Sylvester


Orange Order History in Blackburn

Blackburn Orange Hall Grand Opening in 1890

 James Worral Sylvester

Leading English Orangeman in the early 19th Century

Preston Orange Order World War 1 Roll of Honour

Orange Order in Stockport
Manchester Orange Funeral Society
Blackburn Royal Visit
Orange Order in Stockport
Manchester Friendly Societies
The Orange Order  
Blackburn Royal Visit of 1913   The Manchester Blitz
Sir Edward Carson in Blackburn and Bolton     
Sir Edward Carson visits Blackburn and Bolton June 1914 Orangeism in Oldham 1879  Orange and Blue – St Mark’s Church, Rev Arthur Connell and Manchester City Football Club  

Manchester Orange

"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will Maintain", 
William III, Prince of Orange

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