North-East Manchester Election, October 1891

Sir James Fergusson Portrait 
Sir James Fergusson

A deputation representing the Loyal Orange Institution of England waited upon Sir James Fergusson at the Manchester Conservative Club, for the purpose of ascertaining his view upon a number of political questions. 

Mr J W Maclure MP introduced the deputation, which consisted of Mr W J Austin, Grand Master of England; Mr W Touchstone, Grand Secretary; Mr W Gilliland, Provincial Grand Master, Manchester Province; Mr Thomas M’Cracken, a Deputy Grand Master; Mr James Jackson, WM Lodge 256, Manchester; and Mr J H Dunne.

The following questions were submitted to Sir James Fergusson : -

1. Will you vote against Home Rule government for Ireland?

2. Will you vote against the disestablishment and disendowment of the Established Church of England and Wales?

3. Will you vote against any bill for educational purposes which favours any particular denomination?

4. Will you vote against the repeal of the Religious Disabilities Bill if again introduced into Parliament?

5. If we are to have local self-government in Ireland, will you do your best to secure the just representation of the minority, and also vote for making boycotting ‘malicious injury’, the amount of the loss sustained thereby, together with the costs, to be levied with the county rates.

Sir James declined to pledge himself with regard to the latter portion of the last question until he had seen the bill embodying the proposal, but to all the other inquiries he gave answers which were considered very satisfactory.  The deputation intimated to Sir James that they would be prepared to give every support in their power to his candidature.

Mr Austin has prepared the following address to the Orangemen of the division, and will issue it today : -

‘Brethren – At this important time, when men, for the purposes of pandering to a party, are ready to overthrow the Constitution and dismember the empire, it behoves all friends of law and order to stand shoulder to shoulder against the insidious foe.  Orangemen, show that you are loyal subjects of the Queen; work and vote for Fergusson, and send the Radical Home Rule candidate to the rightabout.
W J Austin, Grand Master Loyal Orange Institution of England.
Broadbottom Hall, near Manchester, 1 October 1891’.

Manchester Orange

"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will Maintain", 
William III, Prince of Orange

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