Orangeism in Tameside in the mid-nineteenth century


 The Prince of Orange Public House in Ashton today

The Ashton Standard of 14 July 1860:Thursday last being the 12 of July the various Orange lodges in the district held their anniversaries at their different lodge rooms.  The members of No 14 assembled at the Pitt and Nelson Inn and sat down to a most sumptuous repast, which did much credit to Mr and Mrs Corbett.  After dinner, Robert Newton WM took the chair and the vice chair was occupied by Bro John Jackson.  The usual loyal and other toasts were given and a pleasant evening was spent.  The lodge held at the Brunswick Inn, Katherine Street, also enjoyed an excellent repast, and the loyal proceedings of the evening were conducted under the presidency of William Chadwick DM, and vice-chairmanship of Joseph Mottram, WM, there was an excellent attendance’.

The Ashton Standard 13 July 1861:Yesterday being the 12 of July, the anniversary of the battle of the Boyne was celebrated at various public houses where Orange lodges are held in the borough.  At each of the lodge room windows were flags waving in the breeze, the most conspicuous of which was one of a true orange character at the Pitt and Nelson Inn, the motto being ‘No Surrender’.  In the evening the members of No 14 assembled in the above house, sat down to a most sumptuous dinner’.

Ashton Reporter 18 July 1863:Loyal Orange Lodge 1220 Britain’s Glory LOL at New Inn, Oldham Road between forty and fifty sat down to dinner.  Along the walls of the room were the following inscriptions – ‘The Boys of Derry and No Surrender’, ‘The Bible and the Crown’, ‘Booth Mason DGM’ and a noble-looking statue of William Third, Prince of Orange’.

The Ashton Standard 16 July 1864:Orange Anniversary – On Saturday evening last, the house of Mrs Garforth, New Inn, Oldham Road, presented a lively appearance, in consequence of the members, wives, sweethearts, and friends of Lodge 1220 of the Loyal Ancient Order of Protestants holding their anniversary, in commemoration of the glorious cause of Protestantism and protestant rights accomplished by William Third, Prince of Orange.  The walls of the room were beautifully adorned with various inscriptions of the order, amongst which were the Earl of Erne WGM, Booth Mason Esq. DGM together with cross banners, surmounted with bunches of orange lilies and evergreen’.

The Ashton Standard 12 November 1864:Celebration of Gunpowder Plot – The anniversary of the landing of William Prince of Orange and the Gunpowder Plot, was celebrated by the members of No 176 Orange Lodge, held at Bro Samuel Cook’s Bull’s Head Inn, Knowles Street on Saturday evening.  The windows were illuminated in a splendid manner, and the room was crowded with those who cannot easily forget these events’.

Ashton Standard 12 August 1865:On Saturday last the members and friends of No 1220 Lodge of the Grand Protestant Association of Loyal Orangemen of England, to the number of 86, sat down to an excellent dinner at the house of Mr Edwin Ashworth, Feathers Inn, Old-Square to celebrate the occasion of having to remove from the New Inn, Oldham Road to the above house, in consequence of the increase of members’.

Ashton Reporter 17 July 1869 reported on the 23rd anniversary of Hebzibah or the Lord Delighteth in Thee Lodge 176, when about one hundred and fifty people sat down to a meal.  The speaker said that he had known the lodge to have thirty members and he had known it to have five members.  Five lodges had been formed out of the lodge and there were now six lodges in Stalybridge District with two hundred and sixty members.  There were now 116 members in the lodge.

Ashton Standard 23 July 1870:The anniversary dinner of No 319 (Enniskillen) lodge of the Loyal Order of Orangemen took place at the Brunswick Hotel, Katherine Street, on Saturday evening ... Orangeism has existed in this town since the year 1807, and that the Enniskillen lodge has been established 40 years and now numbers upwards of 40 members ... The speaker alluded to the fact that permission had been granted to open women’s lodges in Great Britain’.

Ashton Standard 15 July 1871:Stalybridge – On Saturday the anniversary of lodge 176 of Loyal Orangemen was held at the Bull’s Head Inn, Knowl Street.  The lodge numbers 120 members'.

Droylsden – On Saturday the annual dinner of the 228 Unity Loyal Orange Lodge was held at the Railway Hotel, Fairfield, at which a goodly number sat down.  After an excellent meal had been partaken of, and the tables removed, the chair was occupied by Bro John Edge WM and the vice-chair by Bro John Murphy DM.  The usual loyal toasts and the health of the Earl of Enniskillen GM having been duly honoured, Bro Murphy, the worthy deputy master, proposed the toast of the evening – ‘The glorious, pious and immortal memory of the Prince of Orange’ which was followed by the inspiring air ‘The Battle of the Boyne’ given by the Droylsden fife and drum band, which during the course of the evening gave selections of music, and thus added much to the enjoyment of the company.  Among the resolutions passed was the following – ‘That in the opinion of this meeting the best thanks of this lodge are due to the Right Hon B Disraeli MP DCL for his manly defence of the Protestant faith in these realms ...’.

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"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will Maintain", 
William III, Prince of Orange

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