The Late Right Worshipful Brother Stanley Lang H.D.G.M.



14th June 1932 - 7th Febuary 2010


An Orangeman should be a Protestant in reality and truth, not merely by profession or education; and should be distinguished by sincere love and veneration for his Almighty Creator steadfast faith in the Saviour of the World…

He should moreover, be wise and prudent, honest and temperate; in disposition gentle and compassionate; in behaviour kind and courteous; cultivating the society of the good and avoiding the society of the evil…

He should honour and study the Holy Scripture…

He should further duly observe the Sabbath Day, and regularly attend public worship…

These extracts are taken from the Qualifications of an Orangeman but would suffice as an apt description of the character of the late Bro. Stanley (Stan) Lang H.D.G.M…
The person who wrote the Qualifications of an Orangeman could have done so with Stan in mind. Anyone who reads the Qualifications of an Orangeman in their entirety, and who knew Stan would recognise all the many qualities that Stan possessed clearly espoused therein.
I knew Stan from 1973 when I joined the Orange Institution as a seventeen year old and like so many others after me, soon recognised Stan for the caring and compassionate man that he was.
I never knew Stan to have a bad word for anyone, he may have disapproved of individuals actions but always let them know that to their face and he was not someone who would hold a grudge or allow a difference of opinion in a meeting to affect his attitude to an individual after the meeting had closed.

You may have disagreed with him at a Lodge meeting, but he would still have time to have a chat afterwards (as long as you did not want to go over what had already taken place in the meeting), what happened in the meeting stayed in the meeting, unless it was something that had to be progressed outside of a meeting.

It was in December 1955 that Stan Lang joined Loyal Orange Lodge 255, the Lily of the North in his native Liverpool, but moved with his family to Manchester in the mid 1960s and transferred to the Earl of Roden Loyal Orange Lodge 184 in which he was to play a major role as an officer, not only in his Private Lodge but also at District and Provincial Lodges over the next 42 years.

Over that period of time he fulfilled the role of every office within his Private Lodge on at least one occasion. Stan was Worthy Master of L.O.L. 184 on three separate occasions, Deputy Master twice, Worthy Treasurer for twelve  (possibly fourteen) years, Worthy Secretary and Worthy Chaplain.
At District Lodge it was no different; he was District Master on two separate occasions and Deputy District Master once. The District Treasurer’s role was fulfilled on three occasions and for thirteen (possibly fifteen) years he was District Secretary, in 2008-09 Stan completed the full house when he was elected into the office of District Chaplain.

In 1986 Stan reached the pinnacle of the Manchester Provincial Grand Lodge when he was elected into the office of Provincial Grand Master, a post he held for three years. Prior to this a stint of eight years had been served in office as Provincial Grand Secretary and Following his three years as Provincial Grand Master Stan was elected as Provincial Grand Treasurer, an office which he occupied for sixteen (possibly eighteen) years. Stan also represented the Manchester Provincial Grand Lodge on the Loyal Orange Orphans Society for as long as I can remember.
So it was in 2009 that Stan decided that the time had come to stand down and at the election of Lodge Officers of the Early of Roden L.O.L. 184, true to his word Stan refused all nominations, even though he had indicated that he did not seek election, it did not stop the members of the Lodge from proposing him for office.

In August of that year Stan had obviously forgotten that he had not sought to be re-elected and upon his arrival occupied the Deputy Master’s chair. When the incumbent Deputy Master arrived he could not budge Stan and had to spend the meeting sat at Stan’s right hand, the following month the Deputy Master arrived bright and early and claimed his place, when Stan arrived he looked at what he thought was his seat being occupied by an interloper with some consternation but after a while sat his chair as close to the Deputy Master’s as he could physically get. Stan may have decided that the time had come to retire from office but it was obvious that the message had not got through to his brain or his heart.

On the 5th of August 1981 the death of Bro. Alfred Hinton D.G.M. of L.O.L. 676 was announced at a meeting of L.O.L. 184 and his funeral took place the following day in Manchester.
Stan was the natural candidate to succeed Alf as District No.34 DGM and was so nominated on the 2nd of September that year. Unfortunately a brother from outside of District No. 34 was awarded this honour and whilst it caused some disharmony within the Province, Stan maintained a dignified silence and would remain apart from any disputes that would occur as a result of the awarding of the office of D.G.M., being happy just to be of service to the Institution that was in his blood.
When on the 2nd of March 1983 Stan was put forward once again for the honour of being District No. 34 H.D.G.M., there were no disputes and at the meeting of L.O.L. 184 on the 3rd of August 1983, Stan was offered the hearty congratulations of his Lodge on being recognised by the Grand Lodge and having been bestowed the honour of becoming Honorary Deputy Grand Master representing the “Manchester City” District No. 34 at Grand Lodge.
Throughout his long and distinguished career as an Orangeman, on more than one occasion Stan would have been elected to one office and fulfilled the duties of another due to incapacity, illness or even death.

In 1983 the Manchester Rangers Supporters Club had formed themselves into a Limited Company, issuing shares at £1 each in an attempt to raise money to provide a venue in Manchester that would prove to be suitable as a meeting place. L.O.L. 184 and L.O.L. 15 along with many individual members from those Lodges soon begun to actively purchase shares in the Company and a board of Directors was set up, there being three members elected, one Director was a member of the Greater Manchester Rangers Supporters Club, one was a member of the Orange Institution and one was a member of both.

Stan was nominated to represent the interests of the Orange Institution and very quickly got into his stride in forwarding the aims of the Company, raising funds, visiting prospective venues and attending meetings with representatives from various breweries and banks.
The venture very quickly raised approximately £12k which was a considerable amount of money in those days. That the venture did not succeed was through no fault of the Directors but as a result of a misguided member of the Rangers Supporters Club proposing that the Company be wound up so that they could get their share of the capital to purchase a mini bus (a purchase that never occurred).

Ulster Anchor R.B.P. 1070 was also fortunate to have had Stan serve as their Registrar for no less than forty years.
Just before Christmas 2009 I was able to take Stan through to visit a Lodge in Bootle where he was able to meet up with old acquaintances, and typically the whole way there from his home in Sale and the whole way back, all we spoke about was the Orange Institution, an Institution which was so close to his heart and which he served so faithfully and diligently for so many years.
Stan Lang was at all times a credit to our Institution and his own Lodge, the Earl of Roden L.O.L. 184 in particular.
I am sure that all who knew Stan will have their own memories of him.
A dearly departed Brother who was loved and respected by all who knew him the length and breadth of England, a gentleman who was truly worthy of being called Brother.
Stanley Lang, Honorary Deputy Grand Master, Past Provincial Master of Manchester Provincial Grand Lodge, Past District Master of “Manchester City District No. 34, Past Master of the “Earl of Roden” Loyal Orange Lodge No. 184, a Brother, a friend and a gentleman.
May God rest his soul, 'til we meet again in that great Lodge room in the sky, where Stan is probably already taking the minutes of a meeting or counting the dues.


STAN LANG - Roll of Honour


Provincial Grand Master
For three years from 1986 to 1989

Provincial Grand Treasurer
For sixteen but possibly eighteen years, from 1989-2003, 2004-05
(No record at the moment for 2003-04 and 2006-07).

Provincial Grand Secretary
For eight years from 1973-81


District Master
For six years from 1975-77 and 2004-08

Deputy District Master

District Secretary
1986-2001, (15 years)

District Chaplain

District Treasurer
For eight but possibly ten years, from 1978-79, 1980-83, 1984-86 and     2001-03
(No records at the moment for 1979-80 and 2003-04).

District Secretary
For thirteen but possibly fifteen years, from 1986-95, 1996-99 and 2000-02
(No records at the moment for 1995-96 and 1999-2000).


EARL of RODEN Loyal Orange Lodge 184

Worthy Master
From 1971-75, 1989-96 and 2004-07, 14 years with a possible service in this office of 15 years as there is still no record for 2003-04.

Deputy Master
For four years but possibly more, from 1969-71, 2007-09
(No records at the moment for 1987-89 and 1999-2004).

Worthy Chaplain
For two years but possibly more, from 1967-69
(No records at the moment for 1987-89 and 1999-2004).

Worthy Treasurer
For twelve years (possibly more) from 1975-87
(No records at the moment for 1987-89 and 1999-2004).

Worthy Secretary
For three years but possibly more, from 1996-99
(No records at the moment for 2003-04

Awarded the title of Honorary Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of England in the summer of 1983.


Manchester Orange

"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will Maintain", 
William III, Prince of Orange

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