Views, Opinions and Campaigns of Manchester Orange Order in Today's Society

There are many aspects of society in Manchester, England that we would like to generate greater awareness about, so that we may in our own small way improve society.

As members of the Orange Order and English citizens, we are of course affected by political decision making. If we disagree with political decisions, we will normally write in objection to our local MP's or The Prime Minister.

We are starting to explore new ways in communicating with government and the general public by using the internet to get our viewpoints across! Our aims are noble and true.

Support The Restoration of Sergeant Charles Brett's Headstone

Help Restore Sgt Bretts Memorial

Help support Manchester Orange Order to get the vandalised headstone of Sergeant Charles Brett in Manchester General Cemetery, Rochdale Road, Manchester.

Contact us to pledge YOUR support today.

 We want to encourage the revival of the reformed faith amongst the people of Greater Manchester and Lancashire

Promoting the reformed faith

We opposed the proposed repeal of The Act of Settlement

Reject the Repeal of The Act of Settlement

Support us by rating and commenting on our Act of Settlement Video on Youtube.

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Manchester Orange

"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will Maintain", 
William III, Prince of Orange

This Website is Maintained by members of Loyal Orange Lodge 184 of Manchester - Est. 1876.
It is our aim to share knowledge about Orange culture and heritage and to promote greater understanding of our institution to develop traditional Christian values through the Reformed Faith.

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